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Image by Jonathan Simcoe

The attacks on our democratic republic are coming from all sides. To be most effective the Democracy Defense Fund will take a multi-pronged approach to fighting back. Here’s what we are going to do.

Image by Ian Hutchinson

1. Hold the House

We will support candidates and members of Congress who work to expand and protect the right to vote and enshrine into law the will of the voters. At the same time, we will target those Republicans for defeat who voted against certifying the election. If you voted to betray your oath of office, we’re coming for you.

Image by Joakim Honkasalo

2. Save the Senate

Federal democracy defense protections must happen in both the Legislative and Judicial branches of government—congress and the courts. To do that we need to keep a Democratic Senate that will (a) be willing to get rid of the filibuster and pass voter protection laws and (b) approve Joe Biden’s judges, the last line of defense in protecting our right vote.

Image by Joey Csunyo

3. Take the fight to the States

The truth is that some of the gravest dangers our democracy faces exist at the state level, where Democrats often spend the least amount of attention or funds. To date, Republicans have passed 33 voter suppression bills in 19 states—and there are dozens more pending in 49 states altogether. These bills don’t stop short at merely limiting the right to vote – many lay the groundwork for subverting the will of voters altogether.

Image by Katie Moum

We will target flippable state legislatures in key battleground states, invest in Secretary of State races in critical swing states, and even direct expenditures to local elected races that could impact the electoral certification process and the outcome of elections.

How will we invest?

1. Direct contributions to candidates

We know that candidates for office know how to spend their money better than anyone else, so we will give the maximum allowable contributions to those candidates we endorse.

2. Independent expenditures

The Democracy Defense Fund will donate to and run independent expenditures for candidates we have endorsed in order to defeat the agents of insurrection and voter suppression they’re running against.

3. Invest in allied organizations

We know there are many aligned entities already doing tremendous work—especially at the state level. We will plan to invest in our coalition partners and open up a grant process to vital but under-funded organizations.

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